Is pressure good or bad?

Obviously, as with anything, everything is good in moderation. While pressure is an excellent fuel, it is important to remember that fuel can catch fire and do as much damage as good. It all depends on how you use it.

Social pressure and the power that the judgment of others has over us can lead any human to face many difficulties, such as anxiety disorders, insomnia and in some cases, depression and even suicide.

How to avoid getting overwhelmed?

It is important to note that we live in a time of aggressive competition and it is of course difficult to stand out despite our excellent achievements. The accessibility of information, whether on social networks or with a search engine, means that our successes and failures are in plain sight. Here are some tips on how to keep pressure as an ally.

  • Take a moment to be proud of your accomplishments each day. Buy a nice notebook and start a Gratitude Journal.
  • Remember that you are human, and no human is perfect.
  • It doesn’t matter how others see you since you have no control over that anyway.
  • Let go of the ego.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, after all no one has the same background.
  • Don’t take anything personal. The way one is treated is often based on the projection of the other’s feelings. This is the mirror effect.
  • Choose your entourage carefully. The support of your network can make a big difference.
  • Talk about your fears about your accomplishments. It helps de-dramatize the pressure you are facing.
  • Ask for help with some of your tasks.

Is collapsing under pressure a sign of weakness?

Pressure, when it becomes too heavy, can easily make us feel alone, lost and overwhelmed. It is NEVER a sign of weakness to feel exhausted because of pressure. It is only a sign from our body and head that it is time to ask for help or simply to externalize our feelings in order to better accomplish certain tasks. Remember, the greatest entrepreneurs have huge responsibilities, that’s why they have learned to delegate and ask for help because you can’t do everything alone!

Good success and good continuity!