Taking care of your mental health is not crazy!


Choosing yourself is non-negotiable

-Steve Gendron-

Consult a mental health professional

Mental Health – priceless…

That’s why the CSMQ decided to create a blog and share information that will help you.

Everything, but really EVERYTHING in our lives depends on our mental health. A healthy body in a healthy mind. Whether it is our personal, love, social or professional life, if we are unhappy, nothing goes. The problem is that most of the time, we don’t know WHY we don’t feel well! Why is it so hard to put a genuine smile on your face… Stress, daily life and obligations don’t help, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay unhappy.

The important thing is to listen to yourself. Don’t deny what’s going on in our heads. Do not compare yourself to others, because each situation is unique. Above all, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Oh! That’s hard… Asking for help… From whom? Where to start? Simply start with a request to yourself. May your soul find the help you need, and know where to start. AND whether your requests afterwards are made to your deceased parents, to God, to the universe, to the full moon etc., IT DOESN’T MATTER! The important thing is that YOU believe and have hope that help will be sent to you. This is the first step in your climb back to happiness. Step by step… Slowly but surely.

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