Social worker


What is a social worker?

First, the main mission of the social worker, the SW as he is often called, is to find effective and sustainable solutions to help people with their social problems. In effect, the social worker is in the middle of people’s realities.

Role of the social worker

To begin with, the role of the TS is to concretely help people caught in difficult social situations and realities such as:

– Relational problems

– Domestic violence

– Domestic violence

– People who are victims of violence

Loss of autonomy


– Identity problems

The social worker enables clients to find their own solutions when they encounter these difficulties. As one might expect, the TS is trained not only to know and understand human behavior, but also to be knowledgeable about the workings and problems of society. Indeed, it is important to know and understand the “system” in order to be able to help people adequately. In addition, most TS specialize in addressing a specific group effectively, such as battered women or adolescents. Since they are able to analyze social situations that can be very complicated, one of their greatest strengths is to accompany the individual(s) on their journey, according to their respective needs and expectations

Obviously, the TS works with people in difficulty in collaboration with other specialists such as psychologists and counselling therapists. As for their place of work, the TS usually practices in schools, youth centers, hospitals, prisons, detoxification centers, etc. On the other hand, they sometimes find themselves acting as mediators in family settings. For example, if a couple is separating, the social worker is qualified to help find an agreement that takes into account the interests of both parties, but also their children if they have any.

NB: *The social worker must have related training and certification to practice mediation (marital and family).

What are the qualities of a social worker?

Note that a social worker must have compassion, but it is also important to know:

  • Understand people’s problems in order to propose appropriate and effective solutions
  • Listen and communicate clearly
  • Knowledge and interest in human rights advocacy
  • Respect the values of others and remain open
  • Examining social realities without judgment

The main tasks of the social worker

TS helps people to see through their personal and social problems. In fact, he helps the client to find suitable solutions. If necessary, he guides the person who consults him towards the available resources. His job is mainly to:

  • Provide family mediation services
  • Meet with clients individually or in groups to assess their situation
  • Clearly define the services they need
  • Building appropriate assistance programs
  • Accompanying the client in acquiring the skills that may enable them to solve their problems
  • Conduct an assessment of social functioning

The social worker’s work environment

As mentioned above, social workers work in the health and social services network, private companies, hospitals, health care institutions, residential centers, community organizations, schools, youth centers, and in prisons, among others.

Moreover, they often work with other specialists who also practice in these same institutions: psychologists, counselling therapists, doctors, sexologists, teachers, lawyers, etc.

The training

In conclusion, if this vocation calls you, you must first obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work or social service work and several universities offer these programs in Quebec.

Secondly, to practice this profession, one must be a member of theOrdre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec (OTSTCFQ). Indeed, the title of social worker is a reserved title.

Some students prefer to do a social work technique instead of a bachelor’s degree. With this diploma, they can perform tasks that are sometimes similar to those of social workers. However, this training does not lead to the title of social worker.

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