What is a Psychologist?

First, the psychologist is trained to assess and diagnose behavioral, emotional and cognitive disorders in his clients. He also gives advice to clients and treats them. Then, he researches behavioral and mental process theories and puts them into practice. Thus, the psychologist provides his client with the means to improve and maintain his psychological, intellectual, emotional, social, interpersonal and physical functioning. In summary, it promotes health, information, suicide prevention, disease prevention, and accident and social prevention.

Main tasks of the psychologist

  • First, meet and analyze clients, assess their behaviors and diagnose behavioral, emotional and cognitive disorders
  • Then define and implement actions or treatments that will help people
  • To support clients in managing their difficulties, to develop and/or adapt on a professional, personal and social level
  • Provide mediation services
  • Assess cognitive functions such as attention and memory, using standardized psychological tests
  • Similarly, it must develop and determine intervention programs
  • There is no doubt that if the client requires medication, the psychologist must recommend consultation with a physician or psychiatrist
  • In general, most do research, write articles and educational texts and publish them
  • Also give workshops and conferences
  • Finally, to provide consulting services to various organizations


Different places of work of the psychologist

  • Certainly in his own private practice, in person or online
  • Clinics
  • There is no doubt that in correctional facilities, prisons
  • Also hospitals and nursing homes
  • As well as in psychiatric institutions
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Companies
  • Schools and universities
  • Government and private research organizations

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