Helping relationship therapist

Patricia Lefebvre


Helping relationship therapist

Concerns any person at any time, wishing to realize himself and feel in full control of his life. Counselling therapy can take place over a short, medium or long period of time depending on your needs and life goals. The counselling therapist can help you to feel better morally, emotionally, and to have satisfying relationships with others and with yourself.

I listen to you without judgment and use my experience and knowledge to help you overcome your difficulties and achieve lasting wellness.

The helping relationship


My unique humanistic approach to bringing the helping relationship clinically is to first establish a welcoming, secure meeting place conducive to the therapeutic bond of trust. I listen to my client actively, with empathy, without judgement; they have my full attention. My objective is the well-being of the client so that he/she feels comfortable expressing his/her experiences, personal difficulties and dissatisfactions in relationships.

Through the expression of his or her experience, the client will be able to become aware of his or her unhealthy repetitive behaviors, relational patterns and defensive reactions. Through his personal awareness, we (therapist and client) will be able to modify his thoughts and he will consider possible solutions to his difficulties. He will then be able to take charge of his needs and take responsibility for his life.

My ultimate goal in therapy is to get my client to express their emotions, observe and change their negative thoughts in order to have better adapted behaviors that will ensure a better balance in their life and a greater well-being. At this point the therapist’s interventions are essential.

My approach is semi-directive, interactive with “suggested” tips and tools for change. You are free and voluntary in your therapeutic process.

In order to offer a personalized approach to my clients, I have studied different techniques, which has allowed me to enrich my expertise and expand my client base.

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Online therapy

Skype, Zoom, Facetime…

Skype Zoom and Facetime are free and easy to use means for distance therapy.

Increasingly in demand and appreciated, online therapy is accessible, comfortable and as effective as in person.

Regardless of distance and means of transportation, everyone can access it. We can all now have easy access to a professional and competent therapist.

It is adaptive to the current global situation and safe at all levels.

Confidentiality is even more assured because you won’t have to go to the location, wait in a waiting room or meet the gaze of people around you.

In the comfort of your home, I accompany you virtually with the same dedication as in person from my office in Chambly.

Reserve your seat and pay online. Try a session!

Insurance and tax receipts upon request.

Individual therapy

Individual consultation

Personalized approach to promote your personal development. I will accompany you and advise you in your approach with respect, at your own pace, to help you get to know yourself better and understand yourself better. Access your inner resources and take control of your life.

Get to know yourself and overcome your difficulties.

Marital therapy

Marital therapy

Marital therapy and coaching can be beneficial for any couple wishing to overcome life’s difficulties and solidify their relationship on a firm foundation. The two approaches combined, will allow you to express yourself freely and achieve your marital goals.

Good communication is essential for a successful marriage!

Learn how to communicate in a healthy way with authentic and non-violent communication. Express your emotions and needs to your partner and make clear requests. You will be able to establish fair and equitable agreements and eliminate unrealistic expectations!

With empathy and openness to your situation I welcome you with respect. It will be my pleasure to accompany you in the resolution of your conflicts and your couple challenges in a neutral and impartial climate.

Whether it is to reunite two people or to facilitate a separation…

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